As humans, we’re meant to move. After 3 months stuck at home binging Netflix, our bodies and minds are not in their ideal state. You may be experiencing muscle weakness, fatigue or just an overall sense of blah. Let us help you jump start that health routine using our revolutionary, technology-enhanced training methods. For a limited time, join us for a FREE muscle reactivation session to wake up your body and get back to your best you – faster.

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Low Impact. Low Strain.

No weight load added strengthens your stabilizer and mobilizer muscles to support your skeletal structure and joints.

Increased Muscle Definition.

Body20 EMS strength training offers a hypertrophic contraction to each muscle group which will create a leaner, stronger muscle appearance.

Relieve Body Pain.

By strengthening the stabilizing and mobilizing muscles we have a very high success rate in relieving lower back pains.

Improved Posture.

During your brief workout, every major muscle group gets activated simultaneously, strengthening the body as a whole.

Minimal Time.

Every major muscle group activates at the same time every 4 seconds, resulting in 150 times more contractions than conventional training.

Increased Strength and Endurance.

High-performance training offering an explosive increase in speed, up to 10% increase in VO2 MAX strength and power due to anaerobic, fast-twitch muscle activation.